Throwback Thursday: Foamhenge

I just came across this old photo of my son, taken in 2007 when he was five years old. You can see the mysterious ancient standing stones of Stonehenge behind him…. No, not really. I took this photo in Natural Bridge, Virginia. The Stonehenge you see is actually made of Styrofoam. So, inevitably, it is called Foamhenge. Alas, it is no longer there. Its creator took it down in 2016, repaired and repainted, and eventually moved it the following year to its new location at Cox Farms in Centerville, actually much closer to where I live. Someday I must go back, maybe to celebrate a solstice.

Have I mentioned that I once wrote a book about Stonehenge? Here is the info.

Jon Morgan, age 5, visits the ancient tribes of Britain at Stonehenge. Except that this Stonehenge is a replica, built of Styrofoam and named Foamhenge. This was in Natural Bridge, Virginia, but the standing stones have since been moved to Centreville.

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