Photo Finish

I posted a couple days ago about traveling an hour from here to pick up my new camera, and buying the battery charger that the guys at the store said would work with it, only to get it home and discover that it would not.

On the other hand, it’s a fancy charger that charges several kinds of batteries. But in order to equip it to charge the batteries my new camera takes, I’d have to get a different insert for it, which for some reason is the only one that does not come with the charger.

Today I drove out there to return it. I thought I’d just have to get my money back and buy the correct charger online, because on Sunday the sales associates told me that the one they were selling me was the only kind in stock. The salesperson at the store today said they did have a different one in stock, a simpler charger that is more like the ones I’ve used for my other cameras.

I asked, “Why didn’t they know on Sunday that this one was in stock?”

And the man behind the counter replied, “Because they don’t own the store.” So, yes, they were just clueless.

My new camera, by the way, is a Panasonic Lumix ZS-80. To be honest, it’s not everything I wanted in a camera. (I was not looking for an SLR at this point; I want something compact enough to be easy to travel with.) Ideally, I wanted a really good point-and-shoot, with a powerful zoom. What I discovered is that I could buy a fairly good point-and-shoot with a powerful zoom, or a really good point-and-shoot without a powerful zoom. To get both, I’d have to go up into the $1,000+ range, and I’m just not able to do that right now. I went for the ZS-80 because of the zoom. It’s better than my last camera — and much, much, much better than the cell phone camera I’ve been stuck with for months, since my old camera died. So I think I’ll be reasonably happy with it.

I’m charging up the batteries now, and hope to be able to start experimenting with the camera soon. The timing is fitting. Did you know that today is National Camera Day?

And someday, I’m going to buy the higher-end camera I’m really coveting.

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