Jonathan Squared

Yesterday we had lunch with my son’s next-year college roommate and his parents. He met his new roommate in orchestra, and they seem like a great match. In fact, they seem like clones. They are both named Jonathan, and are tall, curly-haired boys with glasses. They are Music Composition majors who play the violin and have perfect pitch. Each had a piano in his dorm room first year. Both families live in Northern Virginia.

The roommates are calling themselves Jonathan Squared.

We met the Other Jonathan and his parents at an Italian restaurant with outdoor seating in Fairfax County, close to one of the houses where I lived as a child, and about halfway between our homes. I like Jonathan very much, and his parents are great. We made a list of which family will bring each of the items they need for their dorm room, which is actually a one-bedroom apartment on campua, with a kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

I felt like we really hit it off, and hope our families will become friends.

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