Stupid People

I read an online comment this week that set my teeth on edge. This person said, “Anyone who worries because their kids are not vaccinated is an idiot. Period.”

I wanted to respond. I almost responded. But then I didn’t. There is no point. Nothing I could say would get through to someone like this, someone who is so disdainful of science and fact that they would rather see their children suffer with a deadly disease than follow the lead of a Democratic administration and the best scientific practices. Replying with actual facts would most likely lead to a personal attack by trolls, and I was not in the mood for that.

Maybe I would have responded if it had been someone I knew who had made that ignorant remark, but it was a stranger. So I just reported the person to the administrators, though it probably won’t do any good. Just re-reading that sentence makes me angry.

A friend replied by saying that it is hard to win an argument with smart people, but impossible to win an argument with stupid people. Words of wisdom.

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