Reality Check: Was I Out of Line?

You know those posts where people ask if they were out of line with something they said or did that caused a ruckus? I guess this is one of those. I am mystified. A friend posted something online inviting her friends to come to monthly meetings of a new group she’s started. I responded, and this is verbatim, and in its entirety:

“This sounds wonderful. I am not ready to sit inside a cafe yet, but when I am, I’d love to come.”

She private-messaged me to ream me out for “shaming” people who want to go. I responded that this was not my intent, that I have no problem with other people wanting to go and never implied that I did, that I was talking only about my own comfort level. And I added that I can’t see how anyone could get from my post that I was shaming anyone. She also said she was afraid my remark could hurt business at the cafe. I can’t imagine that someone who is eating in restaurants would see that I am not and have a sudden revelation that they should not either. In any case, I told her if it made her uncomfortable I would remove my response. And I did.

Does my comment sound out of line? Would a reasonable person think I was shaming anyone or intending to hurt a small business?

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