Postcards From the World: How To Write

Postcard CA-1100356, from Ontario, Canada

It’s been a while since I posted one of the beautiful, humorous, or interesting postcards I’ve received through the Postcrossing project from Postcrossers around the world. This one arrived a few weeks ago. The sender had not scanned it before sending, and I have finally gotten around to scanning it myself.

This wonderful card is part of the same “Bibliophile” series of postcards that I spotlighted in an earlier blog post, when I received one with a stack of books about feminism. This time, the card is on another subject near to my heart: writing. The image is called “How To Write,” and shows a stack of writing-related books, most of which I have in my own personal library.

The card came to me from Ontario, Canada, from a small town north of Toronto, on Lake Huron. Not surprisingly, the sender, whose name is Jeffi, loves to read. She also knits, crochets, sews, quilts, hooks rugs, and takes part in various other crafts. She enjoys growing vegetables, cooking, and drinking coffee and tea. She’s studying to be a psychotherapist. And she plays classical and folk music on the flute. Yes, she does sound busy, but she also sounds like someone I would be friends with, if she lived around here. I certainly love her taste in postcards.

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