May 30 Writer Birthdays

1811 – Vissarion Belinsky, Finnish-born Russian writer, literary critic, journalist, and philosopher.

1874 – Nanna With, Norwegian writer, biographer, journalist, editor, and musician.

1873 – Fernando María Guerrero, Filipino writer, lawyer, poet, politician, and journalist who was a significant figure during the Philippines’ golden period of Spanish literature.

1876 – Vladimir Nazor, Croatian writer, poet, politician, and translator who served as the first Croatian head of state and the speaker of the parliament.

1898 – Hjalmar Gullberg, Swedish writer, poet, linguist, composer, and translator of Greek drama into Swedish.

1899 – Cornelia Otis Skinner, American writer, biographer, screenwriter, memoirist, and actress.

1901 – Itzik Manger, Yiddish poet and playwright, self-proclaimed folk bard, visionary, and ‘master tailor’ of the written word who was born in what was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and eventually settled in Israel.

1903 – Countee Cullen, American poet who was a leading figure of the Harlem Renaissance.

1907 – Elly Beinhorn, award-winning German writer, photographer, and aircraft pilot.

1910 – María Teresa Babín Cortés, Puerto Rican educator, writer, and literary critic.

1912 – Millicent Selsam, American author of children’s nonfiction.

1916 – Dinanath Dalal, Indian writer, painter, and illustrator whose works explore mythology, history, social issues, human emotions, and politics.

1918 – Guadalupe Teresa Amor Schmidtlein (pen name Pita Amor), Mexican poet who was called the 11th Muse; her poetry is notable for its direct expressions about metaphysical issues, stated in the first person

1919 – Margaret Coit, Pulitzer Prize-winning American historian, author, and biographer who wrote books on history for both children and adults.

1919 – R. Chetwynd-Hayes, British editor, anthologist, and writer of ghost stories and science fiction.

1922 – Hal Clement, pen name of American science-fiction writer Harry Clement Stubbs.

1926 – Julia Urquidi Illanes, Bolivian writer who was also famous as the first wife of Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa and the namesake of one of his most famous novels, Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter.

1929 – Doina Cornea, Romanian writer, translator, dissident, professor, and human-rights activist; she was co-founder of the Democratic Anti-totalitarian Forum of Romania

1930 – Juan Gelman, award-winning Argentine and Mexican poet whose works celebrate life but are also tempered with social and political commentary.

1931 – Vizma Belševica, Nobel Prize-nominated Latvian poet, essayist, translator, and novelist who has been called, “the conscience of her time and her nation.”

1932 – Ray Cooney, English playwright whose biggest success, Run For Your Wife, ran for nine years in London’s West End.

1941 – Roberto Calasso, Italian writer, editor, and publisher whose writings explore the relationship between myth and the emergence of modern consciousness.

1953 – Deng Xiaohua (pen name Can Xue), Chinese avant-garde short-story writer, novelist, and literary critic; her writing breaks with the realism of earlier modern Chinese writers.

1955 – Colm Tóibín, Irish writer who was voted one of Britain’s Top 300 Intellectuals.

1957 – Chi Li, Chinese writer and novelist; two of her books have been adapted into television series.

1958 – Qaisra Shahraz, award-winning Pakistani-British novelist, scriptwriter, journalist, and educator whose work is mostly focused on the diversity of mankind, exploring aspects of racial, gender, and cultural divides.

1962 – Pia Juul, award-winning Danish poet, writer, and translator.

1964 – Miriam Meyerhoff, New Zealand author, professor, and sociolinguist.

1973 – Marina Garcés Mascareñas, Spanish writer, philosopher, essayist, and professor.

1980 – Ryogo Narita, award-winning Japanese light novelist and manga writer; his work has been adapted into two anime television series.

1986 – Rosanna Alish Waterland, Australian comedian, author, screenwriter, satirist, and actress.

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