Italy 2012 – Day 4

It was really hard to choose an Italy photo to highlight today from the many I took there on May 28, 2012. It was such been a full day. Early that morning, I stopped at a fruit stand in Florence that had the most gorgeous strawberries I’ve ever seen. Then I rode with my friends to the market town of Greve, where we browsed the pottery shops and then visited a store with a cellar that was a natural cave, filled with aging pecorino cheese on the shelves and wild boar sausage hanging from the ceiling. But our real destination was the Verrazzano winery, in the Chianti region. The setting was breathtaking, the tour was fascinating, and the wine tasting dinner was fabulous. We all ordered cases of chianti to be sent home, and we were definitely high-spirited on the bus ride back to Florence. Here is what the winery looks like in its natural habitat. Bellissimo!

The Verrazzano Winery, in Tuscany’s Chianti region.

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