Friday Five: A Year Later

1) What are you doing this spring that you weren’t doing 1 year ago?
Making travel plans! A year ago, the pandemic lockdown was relatively new, it was hard even to get a covid test, let alone a vaccination, and it seemed that we would be stuck at home forever. Now, with the U.S. vaccination rate progressing upward and restrictions gradually easing here and in various parts of the world, it seems likely that we’ll feel free to move about the world by fall.

2) What pandemic precautions are you still taking?
I still wear masks if I’m going to be around people I’m not related to, even outside. I stay clear of crowds and public transportation. And I won’t eat in a restaurant.

3) What’s a safety rule that’s very important to you?
I’ve already talked about my covid rules, so I’ll go for a different area of safety precautions. I don’t talk on the phone while driving, I always wear a seatbelt in the car, and I insist that anyone in the car with me does too.

4) What plants are blooming where you live?
So many of them! The roses in my yard are especially gorgeous right now. Also, they’re not plants, but we have a fine crop of cicadas right now, thousands of them in my backyard; these are the Brood X cicadas, which only show up every 17 years.

5) What was your most memorable summer job?
That’s a hard one. I guess the weirdest was the summer I painted pictures of pigs for a marketing company that had a contract for the packaging design for livestock feed.

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