Florence 2012 – Day 2

Yesterday I realized it was exactly nine years from the day I arrived in Italy with a small group of friends with the National Federation of Press Women. So I posted a photo taken on that day, May 25, 2012, of the piazza where we stayed in Florence. Now I’m obsessing about that trip and desperately wishing I could go back. Well, I can’t travel to Italy at the moment, but I can post more photos!

Here is a shot I took the following day, May 26, exactly ten years ago today. This was also in Florence. You were probably expecting some important historic or cultural site, like the Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi, or Brunelleschi’s Dome. But no, this is just a street scene. These women were models, the “living mannequins” you see outside boutiques in some Italian cities. But I caught them in a moment of relaxation between poses. I like the combination of naturalness and artifice here. And the wings.

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