Photo Friday: Griffon

Facebook reminded me this week of some photos I posted six years ago, of the George Washington Middle School Orchestra trip to a music competition at Busch Gardens theme park. I was a chaperone.

The orchestra competed onstage Friday, and then spent all day Saturday having a blast at Busch Gardens, until it was time for the announcement of the competition results. Our extraordinary students won the top trophy for orchestras in their division, and then went on to win the top trophy for all orchestras in all divisions.

But I digress. This photo has nothing directly to do with the orchestra. It’s just a shot I took of one of the amusement park rides in action. The ride is called The Griffon. I like the combination of the grid-like vertical and horizontal lines, the contrast of the diagonals, the primary colors, the off-centered composition, and the unexpected texture of the webbing that blurs the right quarter of the image.

When I first looked at this one, I felt nostalgic. I was thinking back to what a great day the kids had, and what a great day I had, and feeling wistful that the group is unlikely ever to be together again. But this photo also makes me feel hopeful. It is a reminder that this pandemic will end — and that not very far into the future, teenagers may once again be riding amusement park rides together with no fear. Except the fear of falling.

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