Lots of Luck

I found this five-leaf clover yesterday near the public library.

It began in elementary school. In fifth and sixth grade, my best friend Sheila and I used to sit in the grassy area at the edge of the blacktop during recess, and pick four-leaf clovers. Then we began to find five- and six-leaf clovers, and more. If I remember correctly, our record find was a nine-leaf clover.

Over the years, I have not lost my superpower. I still find four-leaf clovers frequently, and sometimes I find clovers with even more leaves. I don’t know if I’m particularly lucky — besides the first-world luck of having been born into a relatively privileged position in society. On the other hand, I once won an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Hawaii. I could have taken anyone with me. I took Sheila. Of course.

May is traditionally my best month for finding clovers with four-plus leaves. And yesterday, I found this five-leaf clover. It’s not yet halfway through the month; maybe I’ll find more.

Wish me luck.

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