May 9 Writer Birthdays

1832- Jessie White Mario, English and Italian) writer, biographer, journalist, nurse, and philanthropist who was a nurse to General Giuseppe Garibaldi’s soldiers in four wars and was sometimes referred to as “Hurricane Jessie” in the Italian press; she researched living conditions in subterranean Naples and working conditions in Sicily’s sulphur mines and wrote copiously (in English and Italian) as both a journalist and a biographer. Her most famous biography was about Garibaldi.

1845 – Georgina Castle Smith (née Georgina Meyrick, pseudonym Brenda), popular and prolificEnglish writer of children’s books, notable for her books that highlighted the needs of homeless children and encouraged people to donate clothing and food to them.

1860 – J.M. Barrie, Scottish novelist, playwright, and biographer who is best remembered as the creator of Peter Pan.

1861 – Anna Pappritz, German novelist, short-story writer, nonfiction author, pamphleteer, and activist for women’s rights and the abolition of prostitution.

1872 – Teffi (pseudonym of Nadezhda Alexandrovna Lokhvitskaya), Russian writer, poet, playwright, translator, satirist, memoirist.

1878 – Anna Myrberg, Swedish author, poet, and lyricist; much of her work appeared under the pseudonym Svarta Masken (The Black Mask).

1895 – Lucian Blaga, Romanian philosopher, poet, and playwright.

1897 – Rudolph Fisher, African-American novelist, short-story writer, and physician who wrote the first black American detective novel, The Conjure-Man Dies: A Mystery Tale of Dark Harlem.

1897 – Abraham Nahum Stencl, Polish poet and editor who wrote, in Yiddish, in a pioneering modernist and expressionist style.

1901 – Lempi Ikävalko, Finnish writer, poet, journalist, actress, and performance artist.

1905- Lilí Álvarez, Italian and Spanish author, journalist, equestrian, alpine skier, skier, racing automobile driver, tennis player, sports journalist, figure skater, and feminist; she was best known as a tennis player, and even competed on Spain’s Olympic team.

1906 – Eleanor Estes, Newbery Medal-winning and three-time Newbery Honor-winning American children’s author and librarian.

1908 – A.N. Krishna Rao (full name Arakalagudu Narasingarao Krishna Rao, but popularly known as Anakru), Indian author who was one of the best-known writers in the Kannada language; he was popularly known as Kadambari Sarvabhouma or “King of Novels.”

1916 – William Pène du Bois, American children’s author and illustrator; Newbery winner and two-time Caldecott runner-up.

1920 – Richard Adams, English novelist, historian, and civil servant whose books were about animals; his most famous work is Watership Down.

1921 – Mona Van Duyn, American poet who was U.S. Poet Laureate.

1926 – John Middleton Murry Jr., English novelist who wrote under the pen names Colin Murry and Richard Cowper.

1927 – Ludmila Vaňková, Czech author of science fiction and historic fiction.

1935 – Roger Hargreaves, English children’s book author and illustrator.

1935 – Halina Poświatowska, (born Helena Myga), Polish poet and writer who was one of the most important figures in modern/contemporary Polish literature; she is famous for her lyrical poetry and for her intellectual, yet passionate poetry on themes of death; love; existence; famous historical personages, especially women.

1938 – Hwang Tong-gyu, Korean poet, academic, and critic.

1938 – Charles Simic, Pulitzer Prize-winning Serbian-American poet.

1950 – Jorie Graham, Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet whom the Poetry Foundation has called “one of the most celebrated poets of the American post-war generation.”

1951- Joy Harjo, American screenwriter, writer, teacher, poet, musician, and children’s writer who is an important figure in the second wave of the literary Native American Renaissance of the late 20th century; she was also the first Native American U.S. Poet Laureate.

1952 – Arturo Fontaine Talavera, Chilean novelist, poet, philosopher and essayist whose work is considered representative of the Chilean “New Narrative.”

1958 – Nada El-Hage, Lebanese poet and journalist.

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