Movin’ On Out

The old dorm room looks so empty!

Thursday was the last day for students to move out of the dorms at JMU. My son also happened to have a final exam and a final project presentation that day. So he didn’t have a chance to do much packing up until we arrived just after his last exam ended.

We drive a compact, and there was no way to fit everything in — especially since, in addition to the usual student stuff, he’s got a full-sized digital piano, a violin, and a desktop computer, not just a laptop (though he has one of those too). My niece, a junior there, saved us from having to rent a van. She has an off-campus apartment by herself, and is letting us store some of his stuff there for the summer; she’ll be at home most of the time, so nobody will be using the space. We filled the car with some of the things he won’t need at home this summer, and we drove it over to her place, where she and her boyfriend helped us move it in inside.

And here is what that same dorm room looked like in August, when he’d just moved in (and had just had a haircut).

Then we returned to the dorm and started packing like crazy. For a while, we were afraid the rest of the stuff would not fit in the car. But we arranged and rearranged, and squashed and shoved, and eventually managed to fill the car, leaving enough room for the three of us to sit. It’s a good thing we brought a few things home when he was last here, a couple weeks ago!

On the way home, we stopped for pizza and had to warn him to order a medium instead of a large, because there was no room left in the car to wedge in even a pizza box filled with the leftovers.

Next year he’ll have more space — and will have to bring more stuff, since he’ll be in an on-campus apartment instead of a traditional dorm room and will need things like dishes and cooking supplies, in addition to most of the stuff that was in his dorm room this year. So we’ll probably rent or borrow a van when the time comes.

But right now, he’s here for the summer, and we just have to figure out where to fit all of this dorm-room stuff.

Tightly packed car for the ride home.

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