Wanderlust, Domestic Edition

A few days ago I posted about suddenly deciding to go to Cornwall for a few days in the fall, and renting a house there that is featured in a favorite BBC series. Yesterday I posted about further plans for the trip, which will also include a village in Wales, as well as a few other southwestern England counties besides Cornwall. The entire trip is contingent on the cooperation of the pandemic. We hope we’re planning it for late enough in the year so that restrictions will have been lifted and it will be safe. If not, we’ll have to postpone the trip; all of my reservations can be canceled or changed without penalty.

I also mentioned in yesterday’s post that I had begun planning another trip, to a much nearer destination. This mini-vacation will be in the summer, not far enough ahead in time for confidence about the demise of the pandemic. So we will take all the recommended precautions. We have all been vaccinated; my son’s second shot was only this week, but he will be fully protected by the time we go.

Now for the big reveal. Where are we going? Tangier Island!

My husband and I have always wanted to visit Tangier, an island in the Virginia part of the Chesapeake Bay. It was settled in the 18th century by English immigrants, some of whom still speak a distinctive dialect not heard anywhere else. There are few cars on the island; visitors can rent bikes and golf carts, but it’s small enough so that anywhere in town is walkable.

I haven’t yet made the ferry reservations to get there, but I have rented a charming little cottage.

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