Still Waiting

My son and I had covid tests yesterday. Last time it took less than 24 hours to get the results, so I was expecting to have them by now. No such luck.

Unfortunately, this time a lot rides on the results. If he’s negative, we are no longer in quarantine and he can go back to school tomorrow. That would be nice, since he is in a concert there on Friday, which probably counts for a large part of his grade in orchestra class. (No audience; it’s being recorded.)

He had to go into quarantine because his roommate tested positive last week. My son already tested negative last week, but that’s not enough. He has to be negative now, or he’s not allowed back on campus. And since I’m not fully vaccinated yet, I’m in quarantine too.

We both took the test yesterday, and I’m guessing we’re both negative. But until we have proof that we’re negative, we’re stuck here.

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