Covid Update

I posted yesterday about my son’s college roommate, Justin, having tested positive for covid-19 Thursday afternoon — one day after Jon Morgan got his first dose of the vaccine. That meant Jon Morgan had to go into quarantine, too. He could choose to move to a quarantine space at school (actually, the Sleep Inn near campus) or to come home. From all accounts, quarantining at school totally sucks. So Bob drove down Thursday night to pick him up and bring him home.

On Friday I took him for a covid test. The results have come in, and he’s negative. It’s a good start, but it doesn’t mean he has a clean bill of health. He’ll have to test negative again in a few days before he can move back on campus. In the meantime, I have to quarantine too, because my second vaccination dose was only a week ago, so I’m not fully protected yet.

The university lets out in less than three weeks, and Jon Morgan has asked if he can just stay home for the rest of the semester. He has only two in-person classes, and he can join those via Zoom for the final class meetings. And all of his exams are online, so he can take them from home just as easily.

He really does have to go back a couple of times, but I’m OK with him being home a lot of the time too. If he tests negative again, I’ll probably drive him back to campus Thursday night and get a hotel room for a day or two. On Friday, he has an in-person recording session with the orchestra that he can’t do remotely. And then we can bring home a carload of stuff from his room. There is another recording session the following week. I’ll have to look at the dates and see if it’s close enough so I should just stay down there, or if I should come home and go back. He might decide he wants to stay in the dorm for the days between the sessions; it’s his best bet for spending time with his girlfriend. And he has to go down again to get his second covid vaccine on May 5.

So he’s not quite done with campus for the school year. Though all bets are off if he tests positive. If that happens, Bob might have to go down to clear out the dorm room.

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