Not Out of the Woods Yet

Damn. We were so relieved when my college freshman son got his first vaccine dose Wednesday. But Thursday, his roommate — who had been ignoring the university’s covid restrictions — tested positive.

Jon Morgan hasn’t seen a lot of him lately — the guy’s been spending most of his time at his girlfriend’s dorm, including all night. That’s one of those covid restrictions he’s been ignoring. Students are not allowed in each other’s dorm buildings at all this year. But the fact that his roommate hasn’t been around him much might lessen his chances of having caught it from him.

Roommates of infected students have to go into quarantine, too, which means either be sent to the dreaded quarantine rooms (in his case, at the Sleep Inn motel) or come home. He begged me not to make him quarantine there, which from all accounts really sucks. So Bob drove down to Harrisonburg to pick him up. (Bob’s going because he’s fully vaccinated and I’m not.)

Jon Morgan was tested yesterday, and we’re awaiting results. Even if he’s negative, he has to get tested here in a few days, and he has a timeline for when he’s allowed back if he tests negative both times. If he doesn’t get sick, I think he’ll be there in time for exams. Until then, it’s online classes again.

There are only three weeks left in the school year. THREE WEEKS. And we thought we were almost out of the woods.

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