Dreaming Again

Yesterday I wrote about a dream I had Wednesday night, about living on Guernsey Island and being separated from my son just as the Nazis invaded. I think it was really about my fears for my son during the pandemic, because he was not yet eligible to be vaccinated. The very next day, he learned that his university will be vaccinating students soon. That was a huge relief to me.

So Thursday night, I dreamed more directly about the pandemic. I remember only fragments.

In this dream, the pandemic was nearly over. In fact, that night at 8 p.m., it was to be declared officially over, and people waited in anticipation, relieved and excited. I lived in an apartment building, and there was a dinner planned at a cafe on the ground floor for a group of friends, just after the announcement.

In Wednesday night’s dream, Jon Morgan was a little boy. In this one, he was an adult, and was living far enough way so that I hadn’t been able to see him in months. I missed him terribly. He was coming that night, and as soon as the pandemic was over, I wanted to hug him and never let go. To pass the time until then, I was watching something on television that had a scene with a car chase through the corridors of a hospital. As I watched, I kept thinking that the hospital corridors looked very much like the hallways of my own apartment building. The show ended at 8 p.m., the announcement was made, and the pandemic was past!

I’d been expecting Jon Morgan to arrive and come straight to the apartment, but he had not. I knew he’d join us at the dinner party downstairs when he did arrive, so I went down to join my friends. Everyone was ecstatic. This was the first time since March 2020 that any of us had eaten in a restaurant, and the first time that many of us had been with friends at all since then. There was a sense of well-being and jubilation, and everyone was determined to enjoy good food and good company. We were all talking and joking about the television program that it turned out many of us had watched, with the car chase in the hospital.

I sat near one end of the table, taking part in the conversation, but really just waiting for my son to arrive. But I didn’t notice when he slipped in. Suddenly, he was just there, at the other end of the table. I jumped up and was going to run around the table to hug him. I awoke before I reached him.

So, analyzing this one isn’t that hard. After the news that Jon Morgan would be able to get vaccinated this month (and maybe also connected with the fact that I knew I was scheduled for my second dose over the weekend), I dreamed again of separation from my son, but this time the pandemic ended, and that separation also came to an end. The dread and fear of the last dream gave way to hope in this one. And then there’s that heavy-handed hospital imagery, which to me feels like thumbing my nose at the sickness.

I can guess that the car chase motif came from recent local events; for months now, sleep has often been interrupted by a bunch of idiots who are holding drag races on the Beltway in the middle of traffic. It’s even possible that they were at it again Thursday night, and the sound of their engines worked its way into my dream.

To me, this feels like a nice bookend to the dream of the night before. Now, in real life, we need to stay vigilant, continue to take precautions, and make sure as many people as possible can get vaccinated. But car chases through hospitals are still probably a bad idea.

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