Postcards From the World: Cool Stamps

These stamps on my latest Postcrossing card from China are real works of art, and tell a lovely story.
This cute drawing is on Postcrossing card CN-3100625 from Heifei, Anhui Province, China.

Today’s featured Postcrossing postcard is one I received a few days ago from a college student in Hefei, China, about 300 miles west of Shanghai. The picture on the card (right) is cute enough, but what really blows me away is the magnificent stamps, above.

The sender tells me the stamps describe “how ancient people find fire, know every plants, make clothes, Chinese characters, and so on.” is that cool, or what?

My new Chinese Postcrossing friend also says she’s a Harry Potter fan who would be sorted into Ravenclaw house, and her favorite musician is a singer I’d never heard of and had to look up, JJ Lin, from Singapore. When she’s not studying, she works at a design institute and loves to draw using CAD software. According to her Postcrossing profile, she enjoys watching Japanese anime and American television — especially the Big Bang Theory, which she adores because of the love and friendship between the characters. Even when the ending is a happy one, she says, she’s sad when the show is over.

In other words, she sounds very much like an American college student. Postcrossing is great for bringing to my mail slot these slices of life in distant parts of the world — and really gorgeous stamps that tell a story about a culture.

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