Novel Progress

Camp NaNoWriMo is the more flexible version of regular NaNoWriMo (which happens each year in November). Camp NaNo sessions take place in April and July, and allow more flexibility in terms of writing projects and goals.

I finished the outline near the end of March, and began writing Chapter One of the new science-fiction novel on April 1. As I mentioned a few days ago, I’ve made it a Camp NaNoWriMo project (National Novel Writing Month). My goal is 20,000 words in April, which comes out to about 667 words per day. So far I have surpassed that goal each day.

I jumped in on April 1, and now have drafts of the first two chapters and sketchy descriptions of the next three. In fact, I have enough so that I can see that what I’m doing needs a whole lot of work: too much dialogue, not enough happening, and the stakes not clearly laid out soon enough.

But those are usual first-few-chapters-of-a-first-draft kinds of problems. Once I have drafts of the next two or three chapters, I think I’ll have a better idea of what information needs to be moved to later points in the book, what needs to be cut, and what needs to be added to make this work. So I am determined not to be dismayed (yet) by the current flaws in my first two chapters.

  • Current word count: 4,003 words
  • Expected word count by now to be on target for the first five days of the month: 3,335 words

So I’m actually ahead of the game.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some writing to do.

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