Happy Easter

This over-the-top iridescent and gilded egg dish belonged to my grandmother. I hard-boiled and colored the pastel eggs yesterday.

It’s Easter Sunday. When it comes to celebrating this holiday, I admit that my family is more into chocolate bunnies than church services.

While I miss seeing my sisters and parents and other relatives for holidays, it was nice to have my son home for the weekend. I drove down to pick him up from college after his last class on Friday. And now, after we’ve eaten Easter brunch (and some Easter chocolate), Bob is driving him back to school.

The weather could not be better. After cold weather and even a few unexpected snow flurries in the past few days, today is a perfect spring day, with a clear cerulean sky, and the daffodils, forsythia, and cherry blossoms swaying gently in the breeze.

By next Easter, the pandemic should be over and we may be able to celebrate holidays with more family and friends again.

Bob and Jon Morgan, as we prepared to eat Easter brunch this morning. We still have much of the dining room filled with stuff from the basement, which is awaiting new tile, so we ate at a card table in the family room.

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