Photo Friday: Write-In

I posted yesterday about the April writing challenge known as Camp NaNoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month). Most NaNos include write-ins. These are events at which a bunch of writers get together to write, each on our own projects. These are usually my favorite NaNoWriMo events, but the pandemic means we can’t hold them this time, at least not the way we’re used to. There are no official in-person NaNo write-ins this year, but my writing group, Kittens With Typewriters, will continue our all-year-around twice-a-week meetings, which used to be in coffee shops but are currently being held outdoors (and have to be canceled in bad weather).

What I will miss the most this month is the NaNo staple known as the All-Night Write-In, often held at a 24-hour IHOP. This photo is from November 2018, when we had the all-nighter here in my own house, after we closed on the property but before we moved in. So the place was nearly devoid of most furniture, but that only made it more weirdly fun.

We held a November 2018 All-Night NaNo Write-In here at my mostly empty house, before we moved in. Here are three of the nine attendees. Others sat on the floor or on barstools at the kitchen counter. Officially the write-in lasted 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., but we actually went a few hours past that in the morning. Best write-in ever.

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