March 26 Writer Birthdays

1859 – A.E. Housman (Alfred Edward Housman), English classical scholar and poet, best known for his lyrical “A Shropshire Lad” poems, which evoke the dooms and disappointments of youth in the English countryside.

1819 – Louise Otto-Peters, German journalist, suffragist, and women’s rights activist who wrote novels, poetry, essays, and libretti.

1847 – Annie Foore (pen name of Francisca Johanna Jacoba Alberta IJzerman-Junius), Dutch-born writer who lived in Dutch East Indies.

1874 – Robert Frost, four-time Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet whose work is closely associated with the northern U.S. but was first published in England; known for realistic depictions of rural life and his command of American colloquial speech, he examined complex social and political themes through observations about rural life in New England. He was also Poet Laureate of Vermont.

1885 – Florence Marian McNeill, Scottish folklorist, author, editor, suffragist, and political activist; she is best known for writing The Silver Bough, a four-volume study of Scottish folklore, as well as The Scots Kitchen and Scots Cellar: Its Traditions and Lore with Old-time Recipes.

1904 – Joseph Campbell, American writer, professor, and lecturer who was known for his work in comparative mythology and religion.

1905 – Viktor Frankl, Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist; his Man’s Search for Meaning chronicles his time in a Nazi concentration camp.

1907 – Mahadevi Verma, Hindi poet, freedom fighter, and professor; she was a major poet of the “Chhayavaad,” a literary movement of romanticism in modern Hindi poetry.

1908 – Maria Sergeyevna Petrovykh, Russian poet, writer, and translator.

1911 – Tenessee Williams, pen name of Thomas Lanier Williams III, creator of many classics of American drama; along with contemporaries Eugene O’Neill and Arthur Miller, he is considered one of the three foremost playwrights of 20th-century American drama.

1915 – Hwang Sun-wŏn, award-winning South Korean short-story writer, novelist, and poet.

1917 – Florence Ruth Gilbert, award-winning New Zealand poet.

1923 – Elizabeth Jane Howard, award-winning English novelist best remembered for The Cazalet Chronicles.

1930 – Gregory Nunzio Corso, American poet who was part of the inner circle of Beat Generation writers.

1931 – Leonard Nimoy, American actor, screenwriter, photographer, writer, poet, musician, voice actor, film director, and film producer; he is, of course, best known for playing Star Trek’s Mr. Spock.

1932 – Adewale Oke Adekola, Nigerian engineer, academic, author, and administrator who was the first Nigerian dean of engineering and head of civil engineering at the University of Lagos and the founding vice chancellor of the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi.

1932 – Elena Meerovna Akselrod, Belarusian-born Russian writer, poet, translator, and biographer.

1940 – Fiona Kidman, New Zealand writer, poet, short-story writer, novelist, and scriptwriter.

1941 – Richard Dawkins, Kenyan-born English evolutionary biologist, ethologist, and author who is best known for his book The Selfish Gene and his outspoken views against religion.

1942 – Erica Jong, American novelist, satirist, and poet who pushed the boundaries of female sexuality with her 1973 novel Fear of Flying.

1943 – Chinweizu Ibekwe (better known as simply Chinweizu), Nigerian poet, critic, essayist, columnist, and journalist who was influenced by the Black Arts Movement and is commonly associated with Black orientalism.

1943 – Sanmao (pen name for Chen Mao-ping), Taiwanese novelist, translator, screenwriter, and lyricist; her works range from autobiographical writing, travel writing, and reflective novels, to translations of Spanish-language comic strips; she also studied philosophy and taught German.

1943 – Bob Woodward, American journalist and author who, with Carl Bernstein, did much of the investigative reporting for the Washington Post that exposed the Watergate scandal.

1949 – Patrick Süskind, German writer and screenwriter, known best for his novel Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.

1952 – T.A. Barron, American author of fantasy literature for children and young adults.

1954 – Dorothy Porter, Australian writer, poet, children’s author, and librettist.

1964 – Hai Zi, pen name of the Chinese poet Zha Haisheng, one of the most famous poets in Mainland China after the Cultural Revolution; he committed suicide by lying on a rail at the age of 25, lying beside a bag containing a Bible, a book of selected stories by Joseph Conrad, Thoreau’s Walden, and Heyerdahk’s Kon-Tiki, a death now regarded as an important event in modern Chinese literature.

1971 – Moyoco Anno, award-winning Japanese manga author and artist; she is also a leading fashion writer.

1979 – Adrian Igonibo Barrett, Nigerian writer of short stories and novels who was included on the Africa39 list of writers aged under 40 with the potential to define future trends in African literature.

1987 – Mahadevi Verma, Indian Hindi poet, academic, and freedom fighter; she was a major poet of the Chhayavaad, a literary movement of romanticism in modern Hindi poetry, and a prominent poet in Hindi Kavi sammelans (Gatherings of poets).

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