Throwback Thursday: Roller Coaster King

Today’s featured photo is one I took in 2010. This is my son at age 8 with a school assignment he had just completed, a board game he called Roller Coaster King. We just recently came across the old game while we were sorting through a box of his elementary school stuff. He was going through a period of being obsessed with roller coasters. He’d never actually ridden one at the time, but he really was the Roller Coaster King. He could tell you height, speed, building materials, g-forces, and other facts about most of the major roller coasters in the world. I always thought this board game was one of his coolest school projects ever.

As I recall, the first time he tried to play his board game, he had trouble because it used magnets, and the magnets we bought were so strong that he couldn’t pull them apart. We replaced them with less powerful magnets, and his game worked just fine.

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