Technical Support

Here is Jon with the computer. This photo was taken when we moved him back into the dorm in October, when campus reopened after being closed for a month because of an increase in Covid-19 cases.

Yesterday I wrote about my son coming home from college for the weekend. The tale included yesterday’s Adventure of the Missing Phone, which required my husband and I to turn the car around more than twenty miles north of campus and drive back to the dorm after we’d dropped him off Sunday evening, because he couldn’t find his cell phone. That episode ended happily, but as it turned out, there was another chapter to come.

A few hours later, Bob and I had arrived home, and Jon Morgan texted me to say his desktop computer wasn’t working; it was giving him a “No Signal” message for the monitor. It had been working just fine on Friday when he left school for the weekend. Bob is the computer troubleshooter, so he got on the phone with him, and they tried to pinpoint the problem.

I’d assumed it was something simple like a cable that had come loose. As it turned out, it was more than that. The cable wasn’t loose; it was missing altogether. While he was away for the weekend, his roommate had unhooked a cable from his computer and borrowed it! When the roommate returned a couple hours later, he gave him back his cable, and the computer resumed normal operations.

Jon gets along fine with his roommate. But if you ask me, it takes a lot of gall to “borrow” a cable from your buddy’s computer without asking, or even leaving a note to tell him about — especially a cable the computer cannot operate without.

But all’s well that ends well, I guess.

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