Postcards From the World: Two Old Ladies

This Postcrossing card from Finland bears an illustration from one of that country’s most beloved artists, Inge Löök.

Today I want to show off a Postcrossing card I received recently from Terhi, who lives in Lohja, Finland. The card is from artist Inge Löök’s “Merry Aunties” series, often called simply, “Two Old Ladies.”

These whimsical cards are wildly popular in Europe, and are especially coveted on Postcrossing. They all show the two charming aunties in a variety of situations, usually laughing and enjoying life.

Artist Inge Löök says she started drawing the Aunties in 2003; her inspiration was the friendship between herself and her neighbor. She’s been surprised by the popularity of the characters. “I still have a hard time understanding why two toothless and not so attractive old aunties have become this cherished,” she says. “With my illustrations, I prefer to explore the inner world of the aunties, as opposed to their outer shell. I prefer to stay with the aunties in the small moments, which they share so well.”

Terhi, the Postcrosser who chose the card for me and mailed it from Finland, says she loves music, autumn colors, candles, movies, Game of Thrones, dragons, and her welsh corgi. Her favorite cards tend to show wildlife and fantasy figures. But clearly she has a warm spot for the Merry Aunties, too.

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