Tudor Dreams

Every now and then, while watching Escape to the Country, I see a house that captures my imagination. I posted about Escape to the Country a few months back; it’s a BBC real estate and travel show that helps couples who want to move from the city to a home in the British countryside. Often as I watch this show, I’ll see a house that makes me want to sell everything and move to the U.K.

For example, I was watching an episode today, and the exterior of this Tudor house in Hampshire reached out of the television screen and grabbed me. Is this amazing, or what? I love thatched roofs; they’re so evocative. But it’s not just the roof. Houses with a sense of history speak to me. This one was built in the mid-17th century, the time of Charles I and Oliver Cromwell. There were people alive who’d personally known William Shakespeare! Its rough-hewn ceiling beams, enormous inglenook fireplace, and quirky nooks and crannies all hint at the many stories this house has to tell. Also, it’s across the street from one of two village pubs.

If I could move to England, I would hope to live in a house like this one.

Here is my latest Escape to the Country dream house. It’s in the village of Goodworth-Clatford, which sounds so terribly English. I can’t believe how pretty it is, with its hanging wisteria and climbing roses.

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