National Organize Your Home Office Day

It’s National Organize Your Home Office Day!

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I like offbeat holidays, and what’s not to like about a day set aside for organizing your home office?

I admit that I will probably not use the afternoon to arrange files in the yet-to-be-sorted file drawer, or to finally, once and for all figure out what to do about all those ugly electrical cords. But I am thinking about organizing my home office today, and that’s nearly as good as actually doing it. Besides, a friend has been asking me to post photos of my house online, and this is as good an excuse as any for posting some of this, one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Yes, that is my home office in the photo. Well, it’s one end of my home office, which is quite a large room. The built-ins on the back wall were designed by me and Iain, a talented local carpenter, not long after we moved into the house. The drawers across the bottom third of the wall are actually wooden file cabinets I bought, after extensive searching to find some that fit the space. Iain built them right into the unit with molding, so they’re integrated with the shelves above. (Iain also did the built-ins in my bedroom, and the new shelves in my family room, and the new cabinetry across from my kitchen. Can you tell that I love built-ins?)

Hanging from the ceiling is what might appear to be a single, small light bulb. It’s not! It’s just the little dangly crystal pull for the ceiling fan above it, which barely shows here.

The desk is a huge antique one, a two-sided mahogany partner desk, designed so one person can sit at each side. Of course, it was designed before computers. Currently much of the surface is filled because I have two large PCs sitting side by side. We’re still figuring out how to get the files off of the old computer (bad video card, so we can’t get a clear image on the screen) so we can get rid of it and just have one computer here. My husband wants to install a new video card; I’m getting tired of waiting and considering bringing the CPU to the Geek Squad so the files can be removed and saved on an external drive. The desk is one I picked up for free from a lawyer in Old Town who was retiring and giving away all his office furniture.

I mentioned that the office is quite a large one. It even has its own very cool little Art Deco bathroom, a full bath with a bathtub/shower. You can glimpse the bathroom door in the photo above, just behind the freestanding bookcase at left.

On the near side of that same bookcase is the door where you enter the room. Directly across from it is a chest of drawers with a printer stand and another storage unit beside it, but I’d love to replace that with something more customized to my needs.

The far end of the room has a gable window where I have a table for crafts. In fact, the room as three windows. Two on the wall where you can see one of them in the picture, looking out to the side of the house. The gable window looks out over the front yeard and the street. The table at that window is where I paint rocks, draw, and otherwise attempt to be artsy and craftsy. A wall under a sloping ceiling alongside the arttable is currently host to an industrial metal set of shelves in bright red. The shelving unit (moved here from the garage) is not as useful and attractive as I’d like. But it keeps things off the floor for now, until the day comes when I can hire carpentry wizard Iain to design and create a wall of built-ins there too, for office supplies, art supplies, and, of course, more books. Believe it or not, I could still easily fill more bookshelves in this room and in most of the house; you can never have enough bookshelf space, especially when you have a book collection the size of mine.

So I’d like to do more with my home office, to bring up the rest of the room architecturally to the high finish level of what you can see in the photo, but I’ve run through my home-improvement budget for now, so the pricier projects will have to wait a while. In any case, I am fully aware of how lucky I am to have a spacious, well-equipped room for my home office, especially at a time when so many people are stuck at home all day without a roomy, inspiring, well-organized, and well-equipped place to work.

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