Homemade Bread, Made the Old-Fashioned Way

The bread machine died yesterday. It happens every couple of years, when the threads on the paddles wear out and they stop revolving, which means that the ingredients never mix.

Often I set the machine to knead and bake overnight. I am glad that this time I was using it in the middle of the afternoon, and that I peeked in the window during the Rise cycle. That’s when it became clear that the ingredients had not combined to form dough.

If the baking phase had started, it would have been too late. But I was in time to dump out the contents onto a floured counter and proceed by hand.

It’s good to know that after all these years of modern convenience, I am still capable of kneading and baking the old-fashioned way.

Even better, the bread is really good! It’s probably the best loaf I’ve made in months. The old-fashioned way takes longer, but it works.

Still, I think it’s time to order new bread-machine paddles.

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