Shower Door

BEFORE and AFTER: The bathroom looks so much better (except for the problematic window being more visible with the new shower door, but we have plans for fixing that window).

The main floor bathroom shower was leaking into the basement, the result of my teenager being careless about ensuring that the curtain liner remained inside the tub, combined with a need for new grout in a few seams between floor tiles and cracked sealant between the tub and the door. My solution: replace the shower curtain with glass shower doors. And, as soon as we can, fix the grout and caulk.

What we really need is a complete bathroom remodel. Most fixtures are original to the 1950s house, the 1950s tile is cracked. Also, it’s lavender and pink. And the window in the shower is a major problem, with peeling paint and a mildewy shutter.

But we can’t afford a complete remodel right now. So we’re looking at some simpler fixes. The first one was completed over the weekend: We have a new shower door! It makes the room look larger, and I really hope it will help keep the water in the tub. Next up is some spot re-grouting and caulk work. That will probably happen this week.

After that, I have plans for that weird window.

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