Postcards From the World: Deux de France

Olivier sent this card, which shows seaside scenery from the beautiful Cote Vermeille (Vermillion Coast) city of Collioure, near the border with Spain. Olivier likes playing football and poker, fishing, skiing, collecting stamps, and watching old American Western movies, especially those starring John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, or Gary Cooper.

I know I just posted about a recent Postcrossing card I received. But an envelope that just came in the mail was noteworthy enough to deserve another Postcards From the World mention.

The envelope came from France and contained not one but two postcards. They are from Sandra and Olivier, who live together in Alsace. Sandra explained that she and her boyfriend, both Postcrossers, asked for addresses to send to at the same time, and both received my profile!

If you don’t know anything about Postcrossing, that might not seem remarkable. But there are more than 800,000 Postcrossers all over the world. What are the chances that two Postcrossers who happen to live together would both receive my name and address at the same time? It’s rare enough so that I have received more than 5,000 Postcrossing cards over the years, and this is only the second time I know of that such a thing has happened. The last time was years ago. Two best friends in China both got my address and sent cards from the same series to me at the same time, which arrived on the same day.

This scrumptious card of berry pies is from Sandra, who says Olivier (who sent the first card above) is her boyfriend; they live together in Alsace, France. Sandra has a passion for sewing, gardening, and photography. She also loves Disney, Totoro, and Harry Potter, and has a Korean squirrel and two guinea pigs.

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