Still Going Postal

I sent this postcard yesterday to a Chinese Postcrosser, a college freshman named Polca.

A few days ago I posted about the Month of Letters, also known as LetterMo. This is a challenge I undertake every year; it encourages participants to write and mail at least one letter or postcard per day (every day that the mail runs) during the month of February.

It’s time for an update. Since my last post on the topic I have mailed something each day. Yesterday, it was a Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck postcard to a Postcrossing college student in China. She said she is majoring in mechanics, but her real love is art, and she’s a big fan of Disney cartoons. Unfortunately, metallic ink doesn’t scan well. The stars in the sky over Mickey and Donald are shiny silver on the actual card, and are kind of cute and sparkly. They scanned black here, which makes it look like Disney World is being attacked by a fleet of Star Wars TIE fighters. Come to think of it, now that Disney owns Star Wars, that might not be inaccurate.

On Thursday I mailed my sister a birthday card (she’s a Valentine baby), and the day before that, it was a Postcrossing card to Germany, featuring a lenticular (3D) photo of a wolf. Today I’m writing a letter to a longtime pen pal.

I admit even that after getting off to a slow start, I have not devoted the time to letter writing that I’ve done in the past few Februarys. I’m sending something each day, but so far only one piece of mail each day, and it’s felt like kind of an afterthought. Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad to be doing it. I’d been neglecting my correspondence all year — maybe because being locked down because of the pandemic means I don’t have as many interesting activities to recount in a letter — and I am eager to reestablish communication with my friends and pen friends.

I guess another reason is my new bullet journal. I just started it a few weeks ago and am still getting it set up. It’s been a great creative outlet, one I hadn’t realized I needed. That’s been taking time I would otherwise spend writing letters.

In any case, this is a long weekend, so there is no mail two days in a row. Maybe I’ll be able to put more time into it, and get a head start on Tuesday’s correspondence.

Happy mailing.

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