Month of Letters 2021

This amazing handmade postcard arrived yesterday, the first LetterMo 2021 mail I’ve received. It came from a longtime pen pal in Colorado who also takes the Month of Letters challenge each year.

Every February for years, I’ve taken part in the Month of Letters challenge. During the month of February, I’m supposed write and mail one letter or postcard each day. And when I receive mail (not junk mail) I write back to the sender.

Mail can go to old friends, family members, my regular pen pals, other Month of Letters participants (even if I don’t actually know them), or my fellow Postcrossers. It can be a quick note on a postcard, a newsy letter 10 pages long, a zine, a mini artwork, a fabric swatch or little gift, a birthday card, a photography, or pretty much anything else. Sometimes I create MailArt, sending a letter in an envelope I decorate myself.

Usually (in fact, every year I’ve taken part) I have no trouble writing and mailing a letter or card on each day of the Month of Letters, also known as LetterMo. This year, I’m afraid I’ve fallen down on the job.

In truth, I just forgot. The month started right as I returned from taking my college freshman son back to school when campus reopened (after its second covid-closing of the school year). And right as we received our first snowfall in more than two years. What can I say? I was distracted.

I remembered the Month of Letters only yesterday, more than a week into February, because I received a beautiful handmade postcard from a longtime pen pal (we became pen pals through exchanging LetterMo letters several years back). I’ve scanned it to share here. And today, I will write back.

So my personal Month of Letters begins today.

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