Photo Friday: Snowbird

Until this week, we hadn’t had measurable snow in Alexandria since February 2019. Now we’ve broken our snowless streak, though I wouldn’t call it a major storm. It started when we were in Harrisonburg to bring our son back to JMU when campus reopened. Snow began falling there about 1 a.m. Sunday. The storm reached Alexandria a few hours later, and the ground was white with it by the time we arrived home that day. But then it just kept snowing — until Wednesday! It must have been compacting and melting as it fell, because despite snowfall that lasted several days, we didn’t get more than three inches here altogether. (There was more in Harrisonburg, which sits at a higher elevation.) And here in Alexandria today, it is nearly 60 degrees out, and almost all of the snow is gone.

I took this one on Monday with my backyard wildlife cam, when there was still snow. Birds of all kinds have been congregating at our bird feeder this week. I love the gradations of color on the wings of this mourning dove.

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