The Curious Incident of the Bug in the Night-Time

About 2 am, my son’s voice interrupted my drift into sleep. “Mom,” he called from the sofabed outside our room in our weekend rental apartment, “There’s a wasp in here.” Thus began the Curious Incident of the Bug in the Night-Time.

A wasp seemed unlikely on a subfreezing night in late January, but we woke my husband, The Bug Hunter, to investigate. He pointed out that the offending creature was not a wasp, but a stink bug. Without his glasses on, Jon Morgan had misidentified it, and still insisted it was 2 inches long. In reality, and with normal eyesight, it was regular stinkbug size.

Nobody wants to smash a bug that will send up a smell, so the Bug Hunter became the Bug Trapper. Bob grabbed a stemless wineglass from the kitchen and captured the little stinker, intending to leave it in the foil-covered glass for the night, to release outdoors in the morning.

Unfortunately, he tripped while crossing the room with it, and the wineglass smashed on the floor, releasing the bug and sending shards of glass under the table. Bob grabbed another glass and recaptured the bug.

At the same time he spotted a second stinkbug, but decided to leave well enough alone. The second bug did not succeed in breaking its friend out during the night. In the morning, we released the first stink bug. The second bug is still at large.

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