Weird Holidays

I’ve begun using my new Bullet Journal, as described in an earlier post. I started it only a few days ago, and a lot of what I’m doing now is still aimed at getting the pages set up. But there is plenty of room for adding things that are just for fun.

I do like unusual holiday designations, so I created a Weird Holiday section to keep track of the interesting celebrations that have been declared for each day. This begins halfway through the month, because I started keeping the journal on January 15. And, of course, I’m still going with the Harry Potter theme I began the journal with. Here are my Weird Holiday pages for this month. I especially enjoyed doing the lettering.

And by the way, Happy (Glad/Joyous/Merry/Cheerful/Jolly) National Thesaurus Day!

I’ve added a little more art since I scanned this one; in particular, I was remiss in not immediately drawing in a rubber ducky for Rubber Ducky Day on January 28. There may be more to come.

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