Throwback Thursday

For Throwback Thursday I have now-and-then photos of my son. One was taken in January 2010, when he was 7 years old (actually, just a few days short of his 8th birthday). The other was taken today, when he’s 18 (and looking forward to 19 in a few days). In each photo, he poses with a Great Wall of China that he built out of Lego bricks.

In second grade, he was assigned to make a model of a famous structure from antiquity. He chose the Great Wall of China. Most kids made small, simple models, some of them on a paper plate as a base. There would be no paper plate base for my Lego builder! Jon wanted to make a really big Great Wall of China. He planned the whole thing out, and decided it would be nearly four feet across! He didn’t have enough brown or tan Lego bricks, so he built his wall out of multicolor Legos and covered it with paper. He designed and constructed the wall himself. His scissor skills were rudimentary, so he asked my husband and I to help with the paper cutting.

Today’s photo shows him with his new Lego Great Wall of China. This one was made with a Lego Architecture Series kit, which he got for Christmas. So he didn’t design it himself, though he did build it. It’s not nearly as big as his earlier effort, but is considerably more refined, and probably a lot more accurate. But I think I like his second-grade version better!

Here we have Jon Morgan with his Lego Great Walls of China. In the first, he’s the little kid with the big Wall. In the second, he’s the big kid with the little Wall.

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