Mouse Tales

The mouse is still at large. We have been trying to catch it for nearly two weeks, but it ignores the nice fragrant peanut butter in our traps, and continues to hide out on the main floor of the house, moving among the kitchen, living room, and family room, as well as my son’s bedroom, which seems to be its preferred nighttime haunt. As far as we can tell, it has not gotten into the food; maybe because we’ve been careful to keep everything closed up tight. And we recently found and blocked up the opening behind the stove that we suspected was the secret mouse entry point.

This morning, Bob was in the living room and spotted the mouse in a cardboard box full of packing peanuts, waiting by the door to go outside to the trash. (The box was waiting to go to the trash, not the mouse.)

So, what did my husband do upon spotting the mouse? Did he kill the mouse quickly and humanely? Did he toss the nearby trap into the box, in hopes that the mouse would bolt into it? Did he pick up the box, rush outside with it, and set the mouse free somewhere away from the house?

Bob did none of these things. Instead, he closed the box with the mouse inside, taped the flaps shut…and went to the kitchen to make himself breakfast. After he finished eating, he picked up the cardboard box, along with the glass bottles waiting to be recycled, loaded them into the car, and drove to the glass recycling place.

After tossing the glass bottles, he opened the box to set the mouse free — and found no mouse, just a hole nibbled through the cardboard.

He returned home and told me that the mouse might now be hiding somewhere in the Prius.

As it turned out, it was not. Houdini Mouse escaped its cardboard prison while still at home, while Bob was eating breakfast. My son saw it in his bedroom a couple hours later.

Apparently, despite having a brain smaller than a pea, the mouse is smarter than we are. Or at least, it’s smarter than Bob.

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