Magic Bullets

I’ve kept a journal for decades. I’m not as diligent about it in recent years, not since I started a blog, but I still find it useful to commit my thoughts, memories, and plans to paper, especially those that don’t need to be shared with the world. My journal has generally been a pretty standard one. It’s mostly text, but sometimes has drawings, and it’s usually kept in a blank book with a pretty cover.

One thing I have never tried is a Bullet Journal. Since I’m new to this, I won’t try to explain what that is, but will refer you to some more authoritative sources:

In any case, I bring this up now because on Saturday I attended an online Bullet Journal workshop run by my Harry Potter fan group (don’t judge). The presentation specifically talked about creating Harry Potter-themed pages, though of course pages can have any theme the journal-keeper likes, or no theme at all. It’s a flexible form. You can ignore whatever you don’t like or find useful, and add elements that do work for you.

The session was a lot of fun, partly because of the chance to see (via Zoom) friends I haven’t been able to get together with since March, and partly because sometimes I really need an artistic outlet. Besides, it gave me an excuse to buy journals and art supplies, and that’s always a plus!

Since then, I have created my very first Bullet Journal page. This is just a cover page for the month, so its purpose is to set a tone, introduce a section for January, and provide a quick-glance calendar. Of course, it’s heavy on the Harry Potter theme and on artwork (remember that need I mentioned for an artistic outlet). And it took way more time than I’m sure I’ll want to do on a regular basis. It has shown me that I need a template for drawing circles! These were all freehand, like all of the drawing and lettering here, and some are lopsided. But I’m pretty pleased with the finished page.

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