Politics Today: The Ugly Gets Uglier

Chaos erupted at the Capitol after my last post. The rioters surged up the stairs and onto the portico. They broke windows and managed to get inside, and trooped right into the House chamber. Senators and House members were evacuated, some of the protestors got violent. At least one of the rioters was shot by police; some reports say two. Apparently there was teargas, but it did not stop the terrorists who were trying to disrupt the certification of the presidential election results.

Elected officials and employees who are still in the Capitol buildings have been moved to more secure locations, and the protestors have taken over the building. They are moving through the offices and searching through desk drawers. At least one and maybe two explosive devices have gone off on the grounds of the Capitol complex. Police have apparently not done a lot to try to stop these people, but reinforcements are on the way. Fairfax County police, the FBI, the Virginia and D.C. National Guard, and other agencies are on their way. Maybe a larger law-enforcement presence will make it possible to clear the protestors from the building.

I don’t know what good the rioters think they are doing. They can’t change the election results. Even Mitch McConnell made a speech this morning to Congress, telling reluctant GOP members the election was fair and they needed to certify the vote.

Trump, under pressure to advise his followers to stand down, finally put out a wishy-washy tweet asking his supporters not to get violent — after weeks or urging them to come to D.C. and fight for him. That was a few hours ago. Now, finally, just a few minutes ago, he told them to go home — but in the same speech he claimed that he actually won the election by a landslide and his victory was stolen from him, which may just incite them to more violence.

I am so glad my husband is working at home today. His building was the first one evacuated today, but only to other buildings in the complex. Employees have since been told to go home, but some are stuck there because certain areas are closed off so they can’t get to their cars, and the nearby Metro station is also closed.

What a mess.

At the same time, I have this strange compulsion to go down there. No, I would not ever actually do it. But this is history and part of me wants to be there, witnessing and photographing. I won’t. I’m not insane.

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