Cutting in Line for the Covid Vaccine

What hypocrites. Vice President Pence and his wife got their first covid19 vaccinations today. Members of Congress should all have theirs by next week. And yet, the rest of us are told we can’t get the vaccine yet because medical personnel have top priority.

I don’t mind waiting my turn behind doctors and nurses and sick people. But I am completely ticked off — though not surprised — that politicians are happy to ignore CDC guidelines to benefit themselves. I knew this would happen. We should not be making exceptions to the priority list, especially for people like Pence who played a large part in causing the deaths of 300,000 Americans. His sense of entitlement is disgusting.

Don’t tell me he is a hero for getting it publicly, that he is setting a good example for his followers who are wary of the vaccine. He is setting an example of ignoring public health guidelines — which he’s been doing for most of the year. He is setting an example of putting himself ahead of the country. For months, he has been lying about the severity of the pandemic. As chair of one of the administration’s covid task forces, he refused to recommend national policies to place public health over self-interest. He has denied states the equipment needed to fight the virus. He has often appeared in public without a mask. He has repeatedly ignored CDC guidelines and held large gatherings — including one a few days ago — and as if that’s not risky enough, he has attended these gatherings without a mask and has not required his guests to wear masks either. After being exposed to someone who tested positive, he ignored the rules and refused to quarantine.

His defenders say that seeing him get vaccinated on camera will increase public trust in the vaccine. I think seeing him place himself above the medical professionals who were supposed to get it first will erode public trust in this administration’s ability and willingness to save American lives.

Personally, I think that every public official who has publicly lied about the virus or ignored the CDC guidelines should automatically be moved to the end of the priority list for the vaccine. Instead, they are allowed to cut in line to save themselves, and the rest of us be damned.

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