Photo Friday: Crazy Christmas House

Once upon a time in my neighborhood, there was a Crazy Christmas House, with an exterior and a front yard lit up like, well, a Christmas tree. An enormous, outrageous, crammed-with-color-and-light sort of Christmas tree extravaganza. It had Santas and carolers, reindeer and geese, teddy bears and polar bears, snowmen and elves, a ballerina, and a pig. There were stables and shops, sleighs and a ship. An Eiffel Tower. And way, way more. The figures were shining, blinking, and flashing; some sang and danced. Every December, the yard on Russell Road filled up with decorations outrageous and overblown, with more of them appearing each year, so that eventually the holiday display extended beyond the Crazy Christmas House’s borders and borrowed the neighbors’ yards as well. A few years ago, the family who lived there sold the Crazy Christmas House and moved away. Before they left, they sold many of the individual decorations to neighbors. So even today, scattered around the neighborhood, we still see glimpses of the Crazy Christmas House’s glorious past.

If this isn’t enough excess for you, you should have been in the neighborhood each year in October, when the Crazy Christmas House family cleverly reused some of the figures and added others, dressed it all differently, and turned it into a Crazy Halloween House!

One picture can’t capture the thousand thousand words such a holiday display can tell. So here is a collage of a selection of photos I took a few years ago, in what may have been the final year of Crazy Christmas House glory.

You can’t see all of the outrageousness here; there was too much to capture in just four photographs. But this should give you a small sense of what it was like.

No doubt some people think this is an eyesore. But every neighborhood should have one Crazy Christmas House, big and extravagant enough to bring travelers from neighboring counties to gape at its wonders.

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