Blog Like Crazy: Wrapping Up the Month

The Blog Like Crazy challenge ends tonight. For the month of November, participants vowed to post a blog entry of at least 300 words each day. I did manage to post every day. In fact, most days I posted more than one entry, if you count my writer birthday lists. And many of my entries were well above 300 words.

For the first half of the month, coming up with topics each and every day was easy. Easier than I thought it would be. After that, I started having days when I struggled to figure out what to write about. For the most part, once I started an entry, it wasn’t that hard. 300 words is not a huge burden.

So, what did I find to write about? Here are a few common themes, in no particular order:

  • Politics. Normally I wouldn’t do a lot of this in my blog, but it’s been a particularly contentious year politically, and with the election and its messy aftermath this month, the topic was constantly on my mind.
  • Writing. I posted about National Novel Writing Month, and also about some of the mechanics of writing, such as coming up with ideas and developing characters. I also continued researching and posting the daily Writer’s Birthday lists.
  • The Coronavirus Pandemic. Again, this was very much in the news this month, and another huge source of both anxiety and contention. I’ve been especially dismayed by people being stupid about taking basic precaution, and spreading misinformation about the disease and the dangers.
  • My Family History. I hadn’t planned to write about my ancestors, but once I started, I found that I loved doing it. I’ve always been so proud of my Italian roots and of the crazy, smart, courageous people who came before me. I’ll probably continue blogging on this from time to time.
  • Freshman Year. The continuing saga of my son’s there-and-back-again first year of college, as campus opens and closes and reopens because of the virus.
  • Journaling. I dug out a diary I kept in 1998 and wrote two posts about what I wrote in it way back then, including recounting my dreams. It was interesting to see what was on my mind 22 years ago, both consciously and subconsciously.

That’s not comprehensive, of course. Among other things, this month I also wrote posts about Thanksgiving, talked about Postcrossing, shared a photo of raccoons in my yard, and discussed the joys of meeting local people while traveling.

November ends in about two hours, so #bloglikecrazy does too. I will continue to keep up this blog post-November, though maybe not every day.

See you in December!

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