Postcards From the World: A Dutch Castle

I haven’t shared a Postcrossing card with you lately, though I continue to receive them — some beautiful, some interesting, and some just plain bizarre. (But that’s OK. I like bizarre.) Postcrossing is a site that connects people through postcards. Membership is close to 800,000 members in 208 countries, so members send and receive cards from all around the world. And it’s free to join, though you’re on your own for buying postcards and postage stamps. I’ve been a member since 2009, and I love finding cards in the mail from all over the world, not just to see what’s pictured on the card, but also to read about the recipient and the region. And it’s just as much fun for me to choose the perfect card to send a Postcrosser, based on the information in that person’s online profile, and to write my own message.

For more details on how Postcrossing works, read this post I wrote last winter, when I hit the milestone of 5,000 cards sent.

Kasteel Westhoven, a 13th century Dutch castle, looks like a setting out of a fairy tale.

Today’s featured card is from the Netherlands; specifically, it’s from Middelburg, a historic town of 48,000 people, southwest of Rotterdam. The card shows a castle, Kasteel Westhove, which dates back to 1277. At least, that was the date on the oldest record of the castle’s existence; it could be a lot older. Over the centuries, the castle has hosted royalty and other important people. But according to Nicole, who sent it, this magnificent building is now being used as a youth hostel! The castle is 8 miles from her home, and is within walking distance to the sea. To me, this looks like a setting out of a fairy tale. I so need to stay there the next time I’m in the Netherlands! (After travel is a thing again.)

Nicole, an experienced Postcrosser with more than 4,000 postcards sent, is married and is the “mother” of two cats, Coco and Pixie. From what she says on the card, and from the profile she posted on the site, I can tell you that she loves cards with animals (especially cats), castles, flags, UNESCO World Heritage sites, food, and waterfalls, and does not like handmade cards or advertising cards. One of her favorite things to do is to take road trips around Europe, and I can certainly understand that, since one of my favorite things to do is to take road trips around the U.S. (well, Europe, too, but that doesn’t happen as often). Of course, right now, we’re not taking road trips anywhere.

Which is one of the reasons we travel vicariously, through postcards.

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