Photo Friday: Raccoon Rituals

Here’s a photo I took in my backyard a few nights ago. I know your eye is drawn to the Bird Library that’s lit by the patio lights. But look to the right, at the tree line. Notice the two raccoons standing on their hind legs, front paws in the air. What are they doing here? Trying unsuccessfully to climb into the tree branches overhead? Dancing? Arguing? Or perhaps they are practicing some secret raccoon ritual. A third raccoon was with these two, just moments before. But it ambled off into the underbrush before this mysterious raccoon ceremony began. Was that raccoon not of sufficient rank to participate? Or maybe that one practices a different religion. We will probably never know.

Here we observe two raccoon specimens in their natural habitat, taking part in an enigmatic ceremony seldom seen by outsiders.

For more photos from my backyard cam, see these posts about another raccoon (or maybe one of the same raccoons) and a fox.

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Raccoon Rituals

  1. You tried to post raccoon ritual on my Wildlife Camera photos of Northern VA page, but I was traveling and didn’t get a chance to approve before it disappeared….Try again please!


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