Postcards From the World: Windbinder

It’s time to spotlight another of the many Postcrossing cards I’ve received lately. Postcrossing, in case you’re not familiar with the concept, is a site with more than 800,000 members in 207 countries; we receive names and profiles from the site and send each other postcards. You can get details here. I’ve been a Postcrosser since 2009 and have sent (and received) more than 5,000 cards.

The card of the day is from a Lithuanian Postcrosser named Jolita. She doesn’t say a lot about herself, but her profile lists her hobbies as making handmade jewelry and decoupage, listening to music, and reading books.

The image on the card is by the quite remarkable Lithuanian artist Egle Zioma; the painting is called Windbinder. I love the wild hair and enigmatic expression.

Follow this link to see the rest of her work.

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