Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

The major news organizations called Pennsylvania for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this morning, putting the Democratic candidates over the 270 electoral votes needed to make them the President- and Vice President-Elect. A few states are still counting votes, but even if they all went for Trump (not likely) he would not have him enough to win the election. Of course, spoiled toddler that he is, he’s claiming — with no evidence at all — that the election was rigged, and is announcing lawsuits left and right.

The news of a Biden win was met with relief and glee by Democrats (and everyone who objects to White supremacy, sexism, megalomania, and prioritizing profits over lives). I think this is the first time I’ve felt relaxed in weeks. I’ve been upfront about the fact that Biden was not my first choice. But he will be so, so, so much better than the dumpster fire that is the Trump administration.

In front of the White House today, Black Lives Matter Plaza has filled with crowds of cheering, singing, dancing people celebrating the end of our long national nightmare. I really want to be there too, but I won’t go. Attending would mean taking the Metro and then spending hours in a huge crowd — and I will not do that. Not in the middle of a pandemic. Yes, almost everyone is wearing a mask, according to news reports, but that’s not enough. I understand the desire to be with like-minded people, but I am not willing to take that risk.

I was on Mount Vernon Avenue in Del Ray this afternoon, buying cheese and stopping at the post office. Del Ray is my local neighborhood in Alexandria, kind of a small town in the middle of a major Metropolitan area, and so close to Washington, D.C., that you can see the Washington Monument. It’s a neighborhood of progressive politics, Kindness signs, yoga studios, street festivals (in non-pandemic times), and Little Free Libraries. Today it felt like a party, but without the crowds. Cars cruised by with Biden signs, blue balloons, and honking horns, while neighbors waved and cheered. People wore Biden/Harris masks or shirts. And you could see in people’s eyes that they were smiling beneath their masks.

And did I mention how very thrilled I am to see a woman elected Vice President of the United States? It’s about time.

Our long national nightmare is finally drawing to a close.

This vintage truck contributed to the festive mood today on The Avenue.

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