The Morning After

Yesterday I posted about the U.S. election. Now Election Day is now over, but we still don’t have a winner. The current count changes slightly depending on which media outlet and electoral map you’re trusting, but the numbers most commonly being cited now are the same as they were when I gave up and went to bed at 4:15 am: Biden 238 versus Trump 213.

I knew this one was going to be close. I fully expected not to know who won by this morning. And I fully expected Trump to refuse to accept the election results if he lost. I did not expect him to go on television in the middle of the night to claim victory, even while he was behind in both the Electoral College and the popular vote. He kept talking about how it would be impossible for Biden to catch up. But Biden was ahead!

Disheartened people on the left keep posting on Facebook about how horrified they are that the country has chosen Trump. Apparently they listened to his boasts about having won without looking at the numbers. Biden, not Trump, was in the lead last night and still is today.

I keep running through the numbers: Biden can win if he gets Nevada, Wisconsin, and Georgia. Biden can win if he gets Nevada, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Biden can win if he gets Michigan and Georgia. Biden can win if he gets Nevada, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and the one still-unassigned electoral vote from Maine. And so forth.

I’m not as worried about Biden losing the election fairly as I am about Trump stealing it. In his middle-of-the-night speech, he said states had to stop counting votes by 4 a.m., and he vowed to file lawsuits this morning to keep them from being allowed to count the rest of the votes that had been cast. He has no legal basis for doing so; each state sets its own deadline for counting its votes. But since when does the so-called law-and-order President actually care about the law?

But here’s a bright spot (a bright blue spot): my own town of Alexandria gave Biden more than 80% of the vote! We did our part to keep Virginia blue.

This is what the AP map looks like now, at 10:30 am on Wednesday. To see it updated for whenever you’re reading this, click on the link “Electoral Map” in the first paragraph above.

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