The Ghosts of Halloween Past

The Halloween parties have gone online this year, the neighborhood parade was canceled, and trick-or-treaters will be few and far between. So I can’t think of a good reason to spend a lot of time putting together a costume. But I’m missing Halloween. For Throwback Thursday, here’s a blast from the past: a selection of costumes I’ve worn over the years, most of them for Halloween, but some from other events. Of course, there are plenty of others, but here are some highlights, in no particular order.

One year, my husband Bob as Abe Lincoln made an appearance at the Halloween parade, accompanied by our son Jon Morgan as Darth Vader. My costume came from a costume consignment shop in Baltimore; it had originally been a square dancing costume, but I bought it because I knew it would make the perfect Minnie Mouse.

The Force is strong in this family. That, of course, is Bob as the emperor, our son (back when he was shorter than me) once again in his Darth Vader costume (“Aren’t you a little short for an evil overlord?” and me as Princess Leia, complete with cinnamon bun hair.
This one goes way back to high school, when my friends and I did some holiday mixing for trick-or-treat. That’s Cindy as Mrs. Santa, me as Santa Claus, and Amanda as one of Santa’s elves.

I ran International Night at the elementary school for several years. This was the year that Korea was one of our featured countries. I was taking taekwondo at the time, so my costume was easy. A friend was also dressed for martial arts, so we posed together. That’s me in white, when I was a blue belt. I got as far as purple before I stopped taking classes.

Another school event. I was in charge of library programs for the PTA, and often dressed as the Cat in the Hat, along with the amazing school librarian. She had a professionally made costume, while I threw mine together from stuff in my closet. But it worked.

This was Halloween a few years back. I dressed in one of my go-to costumes, as Laura Ingalls Wilder, still one of my writing idols. Bob played along, in more of a generic Western Guy costume, but we can pretend he was aiming to be Pa Ingalls. Or Almanzo.

Another family costume, this one with a Civil War theme. Bob, again as Abe Lincoln, was our token Yankee. Jon Morgan looked cute in the Confederate uniform shirt and accessories we’d bought him a few weeks earlier at the Fredericksburg battlefield after he was cast as a Confederate soldier for a school play. And I, of course, was Scarlett O’Hara from the scene with the fabulous red velvet dressing gown.

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